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EM Cellular Seals
EM Cellular Seals set of 5
Cell Stickers


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Adhere stickers to electronic articles. Smooths out EMF waves to minimize their negative effects.

Televisions, computers, cellular phones, microwaves, and cars make use of a great  number of semiconductors. The waves (electromagnetic waves) emitted by these interfere with the normal waves given off by the human body and produce harmful effects. This is  why many people who use electrical appliances for a long time complain that they feel  bad. EM Ceramic stickers, placed near the human body or attached to electrical  appliances, work to offset the effects of harmful waves by not resonating with them. For  example,  2  LFA measurements indicate that a cellular phone in use normally registers a  minus 20 reading. When a E-Sera 3000 sticker is attached to the phone, however, this  reading rises to a plus 20 level. The design of the E-Sera sticker is conducive to energy absorption.  

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