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Another unique part of the development of EM·1® is the development of the EM® Principles. Dr. Higa noticed that the microbes in EM•1®, which were not believed to live together in the wild, were able to survive in the culture. From his observation, he concluded that humans needed to learn from these microbes. All of those who are involved with this technology are expected to follow these principles because, without them all the pieces would fall apart. The principles are: Low cost, high quality, safety, convenience, co-existence, co-prosperity, exchange of information, and sustainability. Below there are examples for reference. The list is not complete and could be applied in other terms, but it is supplied to help get a feel for how they could be applied.

All the tenets of the EM® Principles are intertwined. An analogy to compare the way the EM® Principles should work is to think of EM&$183;1® itself. All the microorganisms in EM·1® co-exist, co-prosper, exchange information, are sustainable, are safe, are efficient, are effective, and service each other. EM·1® itself is the EM® Principles. We should do as they do.

We invite you to read Dr. Higa's books that are available in English (and several other languages) to develop your own understanding of this incredible technology that Dr. Higa calls "A gift to humanity."

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