2lb Pouch (1 Gallon) EM-1 Bokashi
We are still in the mood for giving! We packed up a bunch of our EM-1 Bokashi and are now offering a BOGO deal while supplies last on our 2lb pouches of our bokashi that is made with Organic Rice Bran and Organic EM-1!

Offer is not available at wholesale discounts. Wholesale accounts may purchase the BOGO at advertised price of $19.99.
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Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning fermented organic matter. EM•1® thrives with rice bran due to the high levels of antioxidants and minerals in rice bran, creating the highest quality EM•1® Bokashi.

EM•1® Rice Bran Bokashi is saturated with beneficial microorganisms and is commonly used for food waste recycling, odor control for pet waste, and to accelerate compost and plant residue and mulch decomposition. It can also be used in portable toilets, composting toilets, and added to potting soil mixes.