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Teraganix to appear on Lifetime's The Balancing Act

Coming late this September, Teraganix will be featured on the Lifetime show, The Balancing Act! The Balancing Act is a morning show focused on women. This Lifetime show concentrates on celebrating life and all there is to accomplish. The Balancing Act inspires and empowers while entertaining and educating women on how to put them in the best position to achieve success in every area of their lives. The Balancing Act's hosts, Julie Moran, Danielle Knox and Olga Villaverde individually balance the show by focusing on trends and tips from leading experts on a variety of topics. The topics range from health, family, finances, travel, pets, cuisine, beauty & fashion, and the environment.

The Benefits of Probiotic Supplements

Terganix will be on The Balancing Act to showcase the benefits of probiotic supplements. Probiotics are helpful bacteria that support a healthy immune system, aid digestion and protect the body against harmful bacteria. Probiotics can be consumed through natural food sources, such as yogurt, or through over-the-counter probiotic supplements. The probiotic supplement Teraganix recommends is PRO EM 1. PRO EM 1 ® Daily Probiotic Supplement contains a variety of high doses of a variety of microorganisms that not only aid digestion but improve your overall wellness. Supplements are a great option for those who have dietary restrictions, like those who are lactose intolerant. PRO EM1 is dairy, wheat and soy-free to meet everyone’s needs. This probiotic supplement contains all-natural and certified organic ingredients and contains no preservatives or animal products. Probiotics supplements support healthy digestive and immune systems, supports weight loss, improves absorption of food nutrients and aids in controlling yeast infections. Unlike yogurt, which can contain sugar, artificial sweeteners and dyes, PRO EM1 is a raw product that not only aids in digestion but uses three digestive enzymes and microbes to cleanse and remove toxins from the body.

In addition to aiding in digestion, probiotics are effective for treating other ailments and illnesses. Studies have shown that probiotic supplements are effective in treating childhood diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, eczema, vaginitis and Crohn’s disease. Preventing pouchitis, an inflammation of the intestines that can follow intestinal surgery, has also been a benefit of taking probiotics. Taking probiotics may lower the risk of common childhood illnesses such as ear infections, strep throat, and colds.

The Balancing Act is on Lifetime Television at 7am EST. Check your local listings for the appropriate channel. The Balancing Act has had the opportunity to have sports stars like Evander Holyfield, and Carl Brown as well as singing sensation Danny Gokey and reality television host Jeff Probst guest star on the show. Don’t miss Terganix showcase probiotics and everything else they have to offer! Stay tuned!