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3rd International Kyusei Nature Conference Proceedings
3rd Kyusei Nature Farming Conference papers
Santa Barbara Conference Book

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Description Contents
Proceedings of a Conference
on Nature Farming for a Sustainable Agriculture
held in
Santa Barbara, California, USA October 5-7, 1993.

Session I: Opening Ceremony
Session II: Keynote Addresses

Session III: Soil Quality: The Key to a Sustainable Agriculture and Environment
Development of a Soil Health Index. J Haberem.
Effects of Soil and Crop Management Practices on Soil Quality. D. L. Karlen.
Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Microbiological Interactions. P. D. Millnew and D. D. Kaufman.
Nutritional Quality of Crops as Affected by Management Practices. S. B. Hornick.
Effects of Biodynamic and Conventional Farming on Soil Quality in New Zealand. J. P. Reganold.
Development of a Soil Quality Index. J. L. Smith, R. I. Papendick and J.J. Halvorson.

Session IV: Transition From Conventional Agriculture to Sustainable Farming Systems
Research on Transition from Conventional to Sustainable Agriculture: The Rodale Farming Systems Trail. R. R. Janke.
Transition Experiences Among California Farmers. A. D. Mayse.
Sustaining Transition: The Role of Public Policy in Helping Farmers Change from Conventional to Sustainable Practices. G. W. Bird.
Transition to Organic Farming for California Field Crops. E. Sills.
Transition to Kyusei Nature Farming at the Naturfarm in Lompoc, California. J. M. Phillips.
Alternative and Regenerative Agricultural Practices for Sustainable Farming. D. R. Lynch.

Session V: Nature Farming With Effective MIcroorganisms: Research Reports
Kyusei Nature Farming in Thailand: Research and Extension Activities
Effect of EM on Growth and Yield of Crops.
Research on Technology of Effective Microorganisms in Sri Lanka.
Nature Farming Research in Malaysia: Effect of Organic Amendments and EM on Crop Production.
Nature Farming Research in Myanmar: Effect of Organic Amendments and EM on Rice Production.
The Asia-Pacific Natural Agriculture Network (APNAN): A Case Study for Regional Research.
Effect of EM and EM-Fermented Compost on the Growth and Yield of Rice and Vegetable Crops in Korea.
Nature Farming and Integrated Pest Management in Indonesia.

Session VI: Nature Farming with Effective Microorganisms: Research Reports
Effect of EM on the Growth and Yield of Rice and Beans.
Use of Effective Microorganisms In Brazil.
Effect of EM and Green Manure on Soil Productivity in Brazil.
Effect of EM on Soil Properties and Nutrient Cycling in Citrus Agroecosystem.
Practical Applications of EM Technology: A Farmer's Perspective. D. R. Lynch.
Kyusei Nature Farming: Historical Perspective, Present Status, and Prospects for Future Development with EM Technology. H. Okubo.
Effect of EM on Nitrogen and Potassium Levels in the Rhizosphere of Bush Bean. U.R. Sangakkara.
Effect of EM on Germination and Seedling Growth of Rice. U.R. Sangakkara and A.M.U. Attanayake.
Application of Effective Microorganisms for Swine Waste Treatment. S. Chantsavang, C. Sinratchatanum, K. Ayuwat and P. Sirirote.

Sesssion VII: Research on Effective Microorganisms and Sustainable Agriculture: Poster Presentations
Potential Use of EM for control of Phytopathogenic Fungi and Bacteria.
Effective Microorganisms for Control of Xanthomonas Campestris pv Vesicatoria in Sweet Pepper.
Influence of EM on Organic Matter Decomposition in Soil Under Controlled Conditions.
Influence of Effective Microorganisms on Seed Germination and Plantlet Vigor of Selected Crops.
Potential Use of EM for Composting Wood and Paper Processing Wastes.
Tick Control in Cattle with Effective Microorganisms
Leaf Exudates of Bean Plants Cultivated with EM.

Session VIII: Strategies for Achieving a More Sustainable Agriculture: Research, Education, and Public Policy
The Evolution of Sustainable Agriculture in the United States: A Recent Historical Perspective. J. F. Parr and S. B. Hornick.
Strategies and Perspectives for Soil Quality and Sustainability. B. P. Warkentin.
Coalition Building for Resolution of Natural Resource Issues. L. T. Wallace.
Future Agendas for Sustainable Agriculture in the United States: Policies and Prospects. I.G. Younberg.

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