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Believe it or not, EM Technology® can be used in bathing and washing as a natural spa treatment. Our family has been adding EM•1® to bath water for years. Just pour about 1/2 cup per bath. As a bath water treatment, it is very good for skin and eats up soap residues, preventing any soap scum build up. You can also add it to shampoo and liquid soaps for the same reason. It will eat up a bit of the thickeners in the soaps, but will not affect the cleaning ability at all.

In spa treatments, EM•X® Ceramics are placed in the water as part of far infrared therapy. The far infrared ceramics have a penetrating heat and keep the water warmer longer. Add in some EM•1® as well. When using massage oils, cleaning up after with some EM•1® will help digest leftover oils. This is especially good on unsealed stone.

EM•1® can be added to water used to soak hands and feet to help sooth cracked skin. For feet it also helps eliminate foot odors. We have also heard it has beneficial effects on nail fungus.

Using EM®-based Shabondama soaps really helps keep skin. It also does not build up in drains, which usually causes odors.

We have also heard of people using EM•1® as a facial wash. It helps to eat up excess oils and compete with bacteria that cause acne and other skin problems.
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