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Bokashi: EM Bokashi Compost Starter & Bokashi Composting Products
Kitchen Composting Accelerator • Organic Composting Product • Food Waste Fermenter

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi is a Japanese term that simply translates to "fermented organic matter." This method of composting is widely used because of its convenience, efficiency, and benefits. This environmentally safe method of turning scraps into soil uses groups of microorganisms to anaerobically break down old food into compost. Read more about the process below and feel free to check out our complete line of Bokashi products!

Bokashi Composting: An Effective & Environmentally Friendly Composting Method

Our Bokashi Composting product is the perfect solution for all of your composting needs! The revolutionary Bokashi technology has proven to be exceptionally effectively for traditional composting, kitchen composting & as a food waste fermenter. Why should the Bokashi Composting technology matter to you ? Simply put, the Bokashi Product can produce high quality composting results with less odor and more efficiency. This makes your composting efforts drastically more effective!

Our Bokashi Product: A History & Explanation

School food waste collection going into bokashi bucketBokashi composting encourages the growth of native microbial life that will naturally break down organic material without harmful chemicals or harsh environmental impact. Introduce live, beneficial colonies of microbes to your garden, farmland, or compost heap using Bokashi probiotics. These products contain all NON-GMO and synthetic chemical-free ingredients, only a living mixture of helpful bacteria and food to help them flourish. Go green and help your farm, lawn, or garden thrive using an efficient, natural process that delivers amazing results.

Our food waste recycling buckets and systems allow you to start your own Bokashi compost project at home, quickly and easy. Simply add any food waste to the bucket or fermenter, coat with Bokashi bran, and cover tightly. Living cultures will ferment any waste and remove foul odors. Once finished, your waste can be safely buried as a wonderful soil conditioner. For household use, the liquid from the Deluxe EM Bokashi bucket can be used to fertilize and encourage garden and indoor plant growth, and even clean septic tanks if poured down the drain.

Although Bokashi-like practices have been used by farmers in Japan for centuries, Effective Microorganisms® (EM®) is responsible for bringing the technique to the world at large. As the official distributor of EM Technology® products in North America, Teraganix is proud to bring natural innovations to farms, schools, restaurants, clubs, offices, and households all over the globe. Help become part of that mission and make your home, garden, and farm improvements a benefit to both yourself and your planet.

Ok to add to bucket Do not add to bucket
Pizza "Compostable" plastics
Bread Glass
Cheese,yogurt, kefir
Meat (cooked or raw)
Excess liquid
(soups, juices, water, milk, etc.)
Vegetables (cooked or raw)

Eggs and egg shells

Shredded paper

Used tea and tea bags

Coffee grounds

Cut flowers

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Terakashi Bokashi Fertilizer TeraKashi (Bokashi)

Made in Texas with Texas-Grown Certified Organic Rice Bran and Malibu Compost.
Terakashi for recycling food wastes and feeding plants.
USDA BioPreferred

Bokashi Food Waste starter kit Bokashi Food Waste Recycling System

5lbs TeraKashi Bokashi Fertilizer, 2 Bokashi Buckets, 2 Flexible Bucket Lids

List Price: $36.99
Our Price: $36.99
Product Price: $36.99
Bokashi Bucket Fermenter The Deluxe Bokashi Bucket Food Waste Fermenter Kit with 2 lb Bokashi

The Bokashi Bucket Food Waste Fermenter & 2 lb TeraKashi Bokashi Fertilizer

Our Price: $67.99