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Spraying of Ag1000 ® Organic will eliminate odor almost instantly. The rates at which Ag1000® Organic is applied will determine how long the effects will last. If odors haven't been eliminated at first, reapply at a greater rate and/or more often to establish beneficial microbial populations.

Dairy Cattle Foot Baths:

Apply 1 ounce Ag1000 ® Organic per gallon of water in foot bath. Do not use copper sulfate as this will kill the beneficial microbes in Ag1000® Organic.

Methods for Barns, Sheds, Loafing Area Odor Control:

  • Spray Ag1000® Organic on all surfaces (floors, walls, and ceiling). The bedding area and all manure should be sprayed.
  • Applications should be done at least 3 times per week. For a guideline, apply about 1 quart of Ag1000® Organic diluted with 50 parts water per square yard of the barn.
  • If misting/fogging systems are in place, inject Ag1000® Organic at a rate of 1:1000 on a continuous basis.
Drinking Water and Feed:

Drinking Water:
1. Calculate the average daily water consumption per animal and multiply by the number of animals. That will give you total daily water needs.
2. Divide that number by 2,000. That will give you amount of Activated EM-1 you will need to run on a daily basis.
3. Using a dosing or medicator pump, inject the daily amount needed into the main water line so that all animals can drink the treated water.
***Prior to running the Activated EM•1®, flush the lines to clean out any gunk as nozzles may plug.***


1. Calculate the amount of feed needed per day.
2. Incorporate 1 gallon Activated EM•1® and 1 gallon cane molasses per 1,000lbs of feed.
3. Feed the animals.

    Methods for Milking Parlor: Application rates will be to maintain beneficial microbial balance (1:1000) and should be done with every wash down.
    The effluent will be pre-treated with Ag1000® Organic, preventing odor production and assist in waste treatment and manure odor control.

    Composting Manure:

  • Inoculate fresh manure with 2 gallons Ag1000® Organic per ton of manure.
  • Follow standard composting methods of turning and heat, turning roughly 18-20 times with a turner (not a bucket loader) over the course of 40-45 days.
  • Compost will be mature and stable, ready for planting at 45 days, no curing is needed.
  • Spread compost on fields at rate of 5 tons per acre or sell as compost.
    Methods for Applications on Pasture:
  • Apply Ag1000® Organic by spraying at a rate of 5 gallons per acre per application 4-5 times a year.
  • Areas that have high humidity only need to apply 4 times per year as the microbes tend to do well in that type of environment. Areas of low humidity should apply at 5 times per year.

Cleaning Animals:

Periodically wash the animals with a solution of Ag1000 ® Organic at one ounce per gallon of water (1:128). This is good for the animals' hides and skin. This will also help loosen any dirt that is stuck to their fur.