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Hydroponic Nutrients & Supplies

Grow healthier, more robust hydroponic plants with EM•1®

EM•1® hydroponic nutrients is a great addition to any hydroponic system as it:
  • Enhances crop quality and post harvest shelf life
  • Improves plant vigor and tissue density
  • Keeps lines clean and odor free
EM•1® hydroponic nutrients can be easily added to hydroponic liquid feeding systems. EM•1® helps to produce healthy tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and all other plants grown hydroponically.
EM•1® helps increase the nutrient uptake potential and efficiency, while reducing plant stress that can be caused by high levels of available nutrients. All plants benefit from the numerous enzymes, organic acids, growth stimulants, bioflavinoids, and amino acids that are by-products (or metabolites) of the live, active microbes in EM•1®, making EM•1® the perfect complement to your hydroponic fertilizer regimen.

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