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Septic Treatment With Effective Microorganisms®

Chances are if you are an industry professional, you've tried dozens of products for odors and digestion of solids. Have you tried EM•1® Septic Treatment yet? They are not all the same.

EM•1® contains:

  • Billions of live active colony forming units of microbes per milliliter (CFU/ml).
  • Over 100 active enzymes (including protease and lipase) that break down grease and proteins.
  • Live microbes from four genus

No other product on the market today has the complex makeup of EM•1®. No other product has the global impact of use in over 100 countries in all climates from tundra areas in Alaska to tropical Costa Rica. The diversity of species and the fact that it is a liquid product ensure effectiveness in all types of systems in all types of environments. Look at any other septic treatment product on the market and compare the ingredients...if they disclose them!

Typical imbalances caused by over loading, harsh cleaners/detergents, antibiotic soaps, drain cleaners and a wide variety of other materials that make their way into the household on-site waste disposal system cause dead systems. Odors coming up from vents and seepage in soils are signs of a failing septic system. Treat it now before it backs up.

EM•1® has shown excellent results in all types of onsite systems including Septic Systems, Buses, Boats, and Portable Toilets. Click here to learn how to get started.
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EM-1 Waste Treatment 32oz EM-1 Septic Treatment
1 Quart EM-1 Septic Treatment
Our Price: $35.00

EM-1 Waste Treatment is a naturally fermented live microbial product. EM-1 Waste Treatment is a safe alternative to synthetic chemicals that can be used for all waste treatments, wastewater and fresh water treatments, and deodorizing. It is non-toxic and safe for humans, animals, fish, and the planet. EM-1 Waste Treatment is OMRI Listed without restrictions.
EM•1® Septic Treatment is a naturally fermented live microbial blend of beneficial, food-grade microorganisms. EM•1® Septic Treatment is a safe probiotic for digesting solids and deodorizing. It is completely non-toxic and safe for humans, animals, and the planet. Use it for your home septic system, in portable toilets such as RVs, Boats, and buses to eliminate odors and make pump-outs easier.

Made in USA
Certified Organic by CCOF
USDA Certified Biobased Product

Registered for sale in the state of Washington for use in onsite waste water systems. Not available in Massachusetts or Wisconsin use in septic systems.
All other states, no restrictions on sale.