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Flood damageFlooding causes all kinds of things to flow in places you never thought about and flood waters bring with them all kinds of nasty things along with them. Think for a second about what you have under your kitchen sink, in your garage or in your barn. The paint, paint thinner, fertilizers, pesticides, cleaners, etc. Now, imagine that just gets washed away in an instant. Now, multiply that by hundreds or even thousands and you get an idea of what goes into flood waters just from the residential areas. When you add in commercial areas, sewerage, and debris on town and city streets, what is left is a huge mess.

EM•1® is so effective at odor control, just using it to spray everything down to get rid of the stench is enough to use it. However, it goes beyond that. Spraying EM•1® on organic wastes (sewerage, manures, etc) and on petrochemicals is an effective bioremediation method. And, EM•1® is so safe anyone can do it....and, everyone in a flooded area should use it to make a healthier environment.

We recommend the following for remediation after a flood:
Inside a building:
  • Dilute EM•1® with water at 1:20.
  • Saturate any and all surfaces and let air dry.
  • Remove any building materials, up to where they show no signs of being wet or damaged.
  • Re-apply the EM•1® and water solution, soaking everything, floors, walls, ceilings, etc. and allow to air dry.

When rebuilding, add 1 tablespoon Super C powder and 1/4 cup EM•1® per gallon of taping compound, primer, and paint to prevent off gassing of VOCs and to prevent sickhouse syndrome.

  • Soak ground with 1 quart per 100 square feet, using enough water for coverage, and soak into ground.
  • Repeat once or twice, depending on how bad the flooding was.
  • Follow gardening instructions from there on.

Sidewalks and other concrete areas can be power washed or hosed with a 1oz per gallon (1:128) dilution of EM•1®

These applications were initiated after the Elbe River Flood in Germany and as part of the Hurricane Katrina Cleanup efforts in 2005. Members of TeraGanix, Inc were involved in the application process.

Below is a slideshow from a presentation on the Elbe Rive Flood Cleanup presented by Reinhard Mau of EmiKo Germany at Harvard University in 2005.

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