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EM Technology® Keeps Your Restaurant Grease and Odor-Free

Restaurants need Effective Microorganisms® for odor control and digestion of grease. Grease and odors hover everywhere in the operation. Restaurant owners purchase various products for treating all these issues (soap, degreaser, bleach, drain cleaner, acids, enzymes, etc.). El Pinto Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico (pictured right) has been using EM•1® in many areas including the grease trap, to clean carpets, to mop floors, on all their indoor and outdoor plantings, to treat food wastes, and to grow chili peppers they use in their salsas and chilis. They even use it in the water features they have in the restaurant (in the background of the picture).

Using EM•1® for all these applications will take care of these problems and save the restaurant owner time & money. With all the food, garbage, and water, restaurants are notorious for attracting pests. Therefore, cleanliness is extremely important. Also, restaurants care about keeping chemicals away from the foods they plan to prepare for their customers. What better way is there than to get rid of the chemicals and clean with all natural products?

The Grease Trap:
Extending the time between cleanouts of the trap and drains will save the restaurants several hundred dollars per cleanout. EM•1® will digest the majority of the grease and stabilize proteins (something no other product on the market can currently claim.) This will control odors and keep the trap from backing up. Regular applications of Effective Microorganisms® brand products (EM•1®) will keep the restaurant pest and grease free, leaving the restaurant owner with a secure feeling, knowing there will be no grease trap overflows or health department problems.

The Hood, Behind, and Underneath The Line:
There are a couple of easy ways to apply a solution of EM•1® to these areas during breakdown. One is to use a pump sprayer and spray in a fine mist each time you breakdown or cleaning. Another way is to use a spray bottle and spray the solution directly on the surface at the end of each shift. Within a short time, the grease will be eaten off the wall and you will only need to polish the surface. A Great Time Saver!

General Cleaning During Breakdown
To increase the benefits of the EM•1® applications, it is recommended to use Effective Microorganisms® (EM•1®) in place of any synthetic soaps, degreasers, and cleaners. You can combine it with soap for added grease digestion. Simply mix them in your wash bucket during cleaning in equal amounts.

Using EM•1® during the nightly wash down (breakdown) on the line and the firewall behind is a great fire preventer. The EM•1® eats the grease on the walls, the stoves, and the hood and gets rid of the fire hazard by eating the grease.

Mopping The Floor (Tile, Stone, and Wood):
Add EM•1® to the mop bucket to get rid of the grease, helping to prevent the slipping hazard that is almost impossible to get rid of with normal cleaners.

Use a sprayer and spray a solution of EM•1® and a small amount of detergent onto the carpet after each dining time. Since carpets harbor odors, this will help to stop the odor, build up of grease, and stop matting of the carpet fibers. This will leave the room smelling and looking fresh every day.

Odor (Smoke, Food, Grease, etc):
Regular use of EM•1® inside the restaurant will stop odors in the sewer or septic lines that hover around the manholes that people walk by on their way into your restaurant.

Spraying the dining area (the front of the house) with a mixture of Effective Microorganisms® (EM•1®) and water will keep grease down on the carpeted areas and eat any odors from dirt, spilled alcohol, and smoke.

All the mats should be hosed down with a solution of EM•1® during normal cleaning as well. This will not only keep odors from coming out of the mats, but will also eat the grease on the mats, keeping them from being so slippery.

EM•1® can be put into an evaporative cooler or in Smoke-Eater® filters to get rid of the smells in the air. EM•1® in air conditioner and "swamp cooler" keeps the components and filters clean and running efficiently. This can be done by using a simple siphon unit connected to a container of EM•1®.

Cleaning the bathrooms with an Effective Microorganisms® (EM•1®) solution will get rid of all smells of urine and drain back gassing.

The recommended dilution rates for typical food service establishment and industry applications are as follows:

Dilution Rate
Purpose Quantity
Odors & Tobacco Smoke
Slightly Moist

Dumpsters Wet As Needed
1:10 Garbage Disposal

2-3 times per week
Kitchen Floor Drains

2-3 times per week

Food Waste Container
Final Rinse

Carpets & Mats
Slightly Moist
1-2 times per week
Kitchen Sinks, Dishwashers and all non-food prep areas
Appropriate Amounts
Bathroom Fixtures/Floors
Final Rinse/Mopping
Each Cleaning
Urinals 1-2 ounces per drain
Daily at closing
Metal Stall Base*
Wet Spray
Each Cleaning
Floors 1/2-3/4 Cup per bucket
**Hot Water Final Mop

*Stops rusting of metal surfaces by eliminating free radicals and oxidation.

**{EM•1®: Vinegar: Hot Water} Each night use mild non-antibacterial soap and 5% acid white vinegar to eliminate the grease film on the floor. For tougher application use 1:1:50.
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