Going Green with Local Farming

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The Global Impact of the "Buy Local" Movement

"Buy Local" Movement

We have all heard of the "buy local" movement but why should we all be buying locally grown produce? Although irresponsible farming methods like improper soil management and irrigation have negative environmental impacts, far more environmental damage comes from the transportation of crops. Buying organic farming goods from within your community simultaneously strengthens both your community and the environment.
  • Locally grown produce helps preserve the local landscape. When buying fruits and veggies from local farmers, money they receive allows them to maintain their land without the need for selling pieces to land developers. In the future, well-maintained land can promote tourism, recreational events that increase community awareness and grow your local economy.
  • Buying produce from local farmers brings a community together. Farmers markets are great places to say hi your neighbors and meet the farmers who grow your fruits and veggies. These markets put a name, face and story to the otherwise monotonous task of grocery shopping. Instead of carting thoughtlessly around a large supermarket, farmers markets give you interaction to ask questions about how they grow their vegetables and if they use any pesticides.
  • Produce is picked at the peak of freshness when buying locally. There is less time from the farm to your table which means that produce is not picked prematurely and artificially ripened in giant warehouses. Farmers are able to grow each fruit and vegetable to the peak of ripeness, enabling you to enjoy them instantly.
  • Buying local produce is an investment in the future. By supporting your local farms today, you can ensure that there will be farms in your community in the future. This is especially important as the uncertainty with the future of fossil grows. One thing you will be able to count on is having a local farmer grow what you eat.
  • Cheese and meats processed in local facilities look and taste better. Local livestock farmers typically have a direct relationship with processors and are able to oversee quality to ensure the best possible flavor.
Are you finally convinced to buy locally grown and processed produce and meat? Well, now what? Now, you check out Go Texan for specific restaurants, recipes and more to enjoy your locally grown food. Support Teraganix and other local agriculture efforts by creating a local economy and community that fosters the efforts of your neighborhood and your neighbors.

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