Exercise & Digestion – How They Work Hand in Hand

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If you’ve ever tried to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle, you know that exercise and diet are two crucial elements to seeing and feeling results. What can often get overlooked is how exercise will affect your digestive system in a variety of ways. For example, your metabolism becomes faster the more active you become. Abdominal workouts can strengthen surrounding muscles and encourage your intestines to process foods more quickly and efficiently. On the other end of the spectrum, over-exercise can cause nausea and stomach sickness. Let’s look at a few digestive problems and ways your exercise can reduce or eliminate the occurrence of such health issues.


Heartburn is a very common problem which affects millions of people. Unpleasant, and in some cases debilitating, heartburn can be treated with medical prescriptions, but old-fashioned exercise should be included to see lasting changes. According to LiveStrong, you can try more gradual and relaxing exercise to combat heartburn problems. Yoga, Pilates, or bike riding are great ways to put low, limited stress on your body while still exercising and encourage the strengthening of stomach muscles.

QualityHealth and WebMD outline constipation as another common ailment. Thankfully, this can be fought with a combination of higher fiber intake and a few simple exercise do’s and don’ts. Wait at least an hour or more after eating before you begin any exercise. This will allow your body to focus its blood flow on the digestive system to process the food you just ate. By nature, exercise refocuses blood flow to the heart and muscles. Immediate exercise after eating will weaken the contractions of your muscles directly linked to the digestive system, in turn slowing down the movement of food through the digestive process and causing various forms of bodily discomfort. As with heartburn, you should consider daily, light exercise such as yoga or Pilates to encourage healthy digestion if you have ongoing constipation problems.

Probiotics can also assist with digestive problems. PRO EM-1 is a great way to undergo a gentle cleansing and detoxification of your digestive system. Take this liquid probiotic daily to act as a complement to your diet and exercise regimen. Dairy, wheat, and soy-free, PRO EM-1 is a safe and effective supplement for your daily digestion.

No diet or exercise regimen will be a perfect fit for any two people, but maintaining general best practices when it comes to your eating and exercise habits should yield positive results. Should you have a history of health problems, it is encouraged you see a medical professional before implementing any major changes in your diet or exercise routine.

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