How Do Prebiotics Work?

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Shortly after the prebiotic is consumed it becomes a food source for probiotic bacteria, dramatically stimulating their activity. A probiotic extract is a prebiotic because it stimulates the growth and activity of probiotic microbes. Probiotic extracts will improve the balance of gut flora by acting as feed for beneficial bacteria. Moreover, they will also directly promote and regulate immunity, reduce stress, and inhibit aging.

EM-X GOLD is a probiotic extract that re-creates the ideal gut environment and makes it possible to produce beneficial extracts in a stable way.

Approximately 70 % of our immune system is located in the gut. The immune cells in the gut protect our body from infections by fighting harmful bacteria and viruses. However, modern lifestyles filled with processed foods and stress can disrupt the gut environment and therefore compromise our overall health. Also, there is growing evidence that the gut is like your “second brain” and it even influences your thoughts, feelings and stress levels.  (see this article from Johns Hopkins)  Thus, the key of both mental health and physical health is hidden in the gut. Due to poor diet or stress, beneficial microbes decrease and gut microbes will deliver harmful substances to the body. An example of this is E. coliE. coli is essential to our health, but is considered a pathogen because it has genes that produce toxic compounds and can grow exponentially, producing excessive amounts of toxic metabolites that will make use sick...or kill us. Thus, the ideal cycle of metabolites when you are not healthy, becomes unstable, and you get sick. The gut environment changes from day to day, therefore it is difficult to produce beneficial metabolites consistently.
 This is possible by stimulating the growth of the good microbes, or probiotics, through the use of prebiotics and probiotic extracts.

By making the extracts outside the body, we can produce high quality probiotic extracts free of influence from living environments. Outside factors such as stress and diet make relying on production of probiotic extracts in the body very unpredictable.

Prebiotics are known to improve the efficacy of probiotic microbes. In other words, prebiotics are little energy power packs that feed probiotics. Here is an illustration of how they work together:
how prebiotics work

You can see the probiotics alone directly promote a good balance of gut flora. Probiotic microbes also produce lactic acid and suppress the growth of harmful microbes, promote the peristalsis of the intestines and prevent constipation, and stimulate the immure system to adjust metabolism. All this takes time as the probiotic microbes establish themselves and begin to secrete metabolites in the system. By adding the metabolites into the body, the probiotics can immediately use them and stimulate the immune system and begin to help get the host's gut back in balance. The combination of prebiotic and probiotic is known as a synbiotic effect.

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