Using Antioxidant Tooth Powder to Improve Oral Hygiene

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The mouth is the body’s primary entrance to our digestive organs and the bloodstream. For this reason – among many others - the mouth should be carefully cared for. Here are a few tips on using Antioxidant Tooth Powder for optimum oral health.
I Brush.  Why Do I Also Need to Use an Antioxidant Tooth Powder? 
Brushing will eliminate debris and stains from the food and liquids people take in. However, there are hard to reach areas on the teeth and gums that a simple tooth brush just won’t be able to clean. 
Antioxidant tooth powder uses a combination of plant-based antioxidants, alkaline clay, and natural enzymes that effectively destroy the bacteria that are often missed with simple brushing. A single sprinkle of this powder is strong enough to combat thousands of bacteria in the mouth that are responsible for tooth decay, plaque build up and chronic bad breath. 
Antioxidant tooth powder can be diluted and used as a gargle or simply sprinkled in the mouth for quick touch ups.  This will thoroughly eliminate bacteria that are resting in those crevices and hard to reach places on the tongue, between the teeth and along the gum line. The powder also helps in preventing food particles from adhering to the teeth and gums which can lead to bacterial buildup, bad breath and gum disease.
Safe and Non-toxic Oral Care
Perhaps most importantly, an antioxidant tooth powder like Dr. Don’s cleans the mouth without the use of harmful chemicals, alcohol or fluoride. These chemicals may clean the mouth, but they have unwanted side effects.
Alcohol kills bad bacteria, but also also destroys the normal protective elements in the mouth. This leaves the mouth unprotected and more susceptible to diseases. It can also dry out the mouth and a lower level of saliva promotes bacterial growth and foul breath. 
Fluoride has also been long used in oral care and has known beneficial factors for the mouth including teeth whitening. However, fluoride also has devastating effects on the mouth and bones if used in certain doses. High fluoride content makes the teeth weaker and prone to cavities and damage. Couple this with the fact that tap water is often treated with fluoride, and it is easy to see why you do not want to add it to your oral care products.
All Natural Oral Care
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Dr. Don’s Antioxidant tooth powder only contains organic ingredients such as mint, berry powders and cassava root. Careful research has proven the magnificent positive effects of these products on the mouth. These natural ingredients have cleaning and antioxidant factors without causing any damage to the teeth and gums. The users can even swallow the powder after gargling. It doesn’t have any negative effects on the body as it only contains natural products. Users will only have clean, fresh and chemical-free mouths.
A clean mouth results in healthier teeth and gums and antioxidant tooth powder thoroughly cleans the mouth of any residue from eating and even after brushing. This keeps the mouth free from harmful bacteria that can cause tooth and gum diseases.

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