What are enzymes and what do they do?

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Here is another bit of information about Pro EM•1® Probiotic that you may find interesting.

Enzymes are specialized proteins that speed up the reaction times of various reactions. Many companies sell enzyme products to help with digestion such as caseinase to break down a milk sugar known as casein. Other products may be sold for increased absorption of protein (proteinase) or fats (lipase). Enzymes are crucial in the process for breaking down sugars for your body to be able to use the sugars for energy.

Do you know where enzymes come from? You guessed it, they are ALL produced by microbes. The average number of enzymes that a single microbe can produce ranges from 10 to 30 different type of enzymes. Which enzyme is produced depends on exposure to something needed to break down that substance. Here is an example, Lactobacillus casei is exposed to milk. The microbe produces the enzyme caseinase to start breaking down the casein, digesting parts of the sugar molecule to perform its own bodily functions (metabolism). There are other enzymes produced by L. Casei including: proteinase, high peptidase, esterase-lipase. 

There are smaller, even more specific, proteins known as "co-enzymes". These enzymes assist the main enzymes in breaking down large molecules such as polysaccharides (starches) into smaller and smaller chains. Again, one microbe can product up to 30 different co-enzymes! Imagine the diversity of enzymes alone when you think of how many microbes are in and on us, in our food, in our water, etc. 

If you are having digestive problems, that means something is out of whack. Why take one enzyme product when you can take a whole bunch of microbes that can produce a whole bunch of different types of enzymes and co-enzymes...ones that are produced when the need is addressed (or confronted!)?   Pro EM•1® Probiotic contains 6 different strains of microbes. Each can produce up to 30 different enzymes (potentially up to 180) and up to 30 different co-enzymes...this is in addition to a slew of other beneficial metabolite compounds produced by the live-active microbes in Pro EM•1® Probiotic.

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