Why Choose EM X Sea Salt Over Table Salt?

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Effective Microorganisms Technology® has long been used in a number of products including health supplements, soaps and shampoos, oral care products, and to grow foods. This method utilizes naturally occurring organisms like lactic acid bacteria to produce effective products that leverage biology rather than chemicals as a means to better health. Lactic acid bacteria have long been used to add healthy microorganisms to a variety of food, medicine and probiotic supplements. This beneficial bacteria fights the bad bacteria and protects the person’s digestive organs.

The very same technology is used in EM-X Sea Salt. This table salt is the first of its kind. It is an organic sea salt that doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals. This product is a great alternative to ordinary table salt. There are numerous health advantages that come from EM-X Sea Salt.

Health Benefits
EM-X Sea Salt is only harvested during a full moon because the gravitational force at the time affects the tide and sea water depth. The sea salt harvested at this time contains fewer impurities as the water is denser. The product is only taken from sea water with depths of over 200 meters where it is found to be purer and cleaner. Since it is inherently cleaner, EM-X Sea Salt is not subjected to a lot of processing to remove the impurities. The salt’s original components are retained in a less harsh chemical washing.

Common table salt does not have more than two necessary minerals that the body requires. It is also produced and packed with chemicals to keep it fresh. Additives such as potassium iodide and sugar are combined with typical table salts. This adds to the unwanted elements that most people don’t need from salt. Users have to check the ingredients and nutritional value of every table salt pack before deciding on the right one for them.

Other sea salts go through processes that eliminate some of their natural elements (minerals, etc.). This is because it is harvested at any time of the month without considering the tide and water depth. The salt taken is usually full of impurities and unwanted elements. Factories need to use harsh chemicals to clean the salt and make it ready for use. This leaves people with unnatural and chemical-filled table salt that lacks the natural micro-nutrients a pure sea salt should have. On the other hand, EM-X Sea Salt only goes through a simple process that keeps its natural nutrients and has fewer impurities. The product doesn’t go through the processing that destroys its nutritional state or add unwanted elements from other substances. EM-X Sea Salt only has organic nutrients that are proven beneficial for the body.

Maximum Nutrients
EM-X Sea Salt is made with Effective Microorganisms Technology. This means that the natural living organisms in the sea salt are utilized to produce salt filled with nutrients. This technology was first introduced in the 1980s by Professor Teruo Higa from Okinawa, Japan.

EM-X Sea Salt uses naturally occurring organisms in the sea to help fight harmful bacteria inside the body. It only utilizes organic methods in keeping its nutrients while maintaining its taste. Everyone can now enjoy the product’s good taste and natural health benefits without worrying about any negative effects from harmful chemicals. Besides all these health benefits, it tastes great and can be used as supplement or flavor enhancing ingredients in all of your recipes.

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