2010 Chili Peppers Coming Soon!

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This was a tough season in New Mexico for chili peppers.  There were a tremendous amount of rains early in the season then some frosts and then a pretty wet summer....with weeks above 100F.  The crop still came in and looks great.

On the left, we have a shot of what they looked like at the beginning of the season.  Early on we could see similar budding as we did last year.  There were sites all along the crop that were going to set fruit. 

About 3 weeks away from first picking
As the season went on, there was some vigorous growth with the plants sending out multiple laterals and very large leaves.  The laterals meant there was going to be higher yields and the larger leaves mean a greater amount of photosynthesis.

Take a look at the size of these leaves.  Also note, the color and the condition of the leaves.  Couldn't be better!

large leaves
Large Leaves on Chili

Harvesting Chili Peppers
red chili pepper
Red Chili Peppers In New Mexico
We made several trips out this growing season to watch as everything came along like clockwork.  Harvest started in late July with the first picking yielding around 16-20 tons per acre. 

The program involves adding a nutrient solution and Activated EM•1® through irrigation tape that is about 18 inches below the soil surface.  The rate of Activated EM•1® is 3 gallons per acre per week in the tape and an additional 5 gallons per acre per week in a foliar feed mix, sprayed in the evening.

It is now the end of October and the harvest is still not done.  Some fields are getting a third picking (not usual).  The field above was picked for 7 days straight in the second picking.  The harvest will go on until frost.  Only after all fields are completed will we have numbers on the total tons per acre.  Whatever the final tally is, we can sure see that the farmers are very happy with the results they've seen for their second year with EM•1® in their fields.

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