An EM Farm in the making

Posted by Eric Lancaster on

Sleeping Frog Farm is a new farm in Tucson, Arizona. My wife purchased some of their produce at a local farmer's market and told me about them. It turns out I know one of the owners, CJ Marks. CJ has been passionate about learning all the ways EM Technology can help in the production of food and has told me that he always wanted to start an EM Farm. He's doing it now, right here in Tucson! I visited the farm this week and they have quite a bit growing already. They are growing heirloom varieties of veggies and now working on developing about another acre of soil to expand their offerings. Most of what they have growing now is various types of lettuce, chards, kales, and some herbs. They have about 50 chickens, really neat looking breeds, and are selling about 25 dozen eggs per week. Their customers include some high end restaurants in town, who have noticed that their lettuce stays fresh longer than anything else they buy. They have lots of plans for doing workshops at the farm to educate people about organic agriculture...and Effective Microorganisms™. If you're in the area, they sell their produce at the St. Phillip's Plaza Farmer's Market on Sunday Mornings 8am-Noon (Southeast Corner of River and Campbell), The Santa Cruz Farmer's Market on Thursdays 3:00pm-6:00pm (NE Corner of Speedway & Riverview between AZ School for the Deaf and Blind & El Rio Center), and the Marana Farm Stand on Mondays 3:00pm-6:00pm (12375 N Heritage Park Drive). I'll get some photos up soon

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