Consistency in crops

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Can you see a difference between these two fields of wheat? When you work the soil with Effective Microorganisms®, you are ensuring all of your crops get the nutrients they need. This obviously has an impact on crop production.
crop with em-1
With EM•1®
without em-1
Without EM•1®
The two fields in these pictures were planted directly across the street from each other.  The top picture was previously planted in chili peppers and given a high dose of Activated EM•1®.  We actually treated the peppers with about 80 gallons per acre.  When it came time to grow the wheat, the fields were only treated with an additional 10 gallons per acre.  The field across the street did not have any EM•1® applied to the fields.  Both fields had the same plant nutrient program, are irrigated from the same well, and are in the same crop rotation program.

The farmer was convinced he was going to put some EM•1® microbial inoculant on ALL of his fields, regardless of the crop.  He is following with his crop rotation program, going heavy with EM•1® applications during his high-dollar crop cycle and continuing with a lower dose during the lower cash cash crop.

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