Creating a Better Soil for Your Crops

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It sounds simple: healthy soil will grow healthy plants and vegetables. However, many farmers struggle to get the balance right. Some common issues they run into are compacted soils, clay and contaminated soil. EM1 can improve these issues immensely and allow the health of your soil to progress. To have a healthy soil, it requires a wide variety of microbial activity to break down the organic matter. This will stimulate a healthy environment for vegetables and plants. The outcome is stronger plants, healthier flowers, greater resistance to diseases and pests, and higher quality fruits and vegetable.


EM 1 is an organic soil amendment that provides a broad spectrum of beneficial microorganisms, enzymes, vitamins, and various organic acids. It is best used in combination with garden and lawn fertilizers. EM1 is also an accelerator for compost. The organic matter will support the development of other components that are crucial to healthy soil, such as insects and earthworms.

Preparing Your Soil

In order for your crops to prosper this year, farmers must prepare their soil for planting. Soil needs to be nutrient-rich, to enable your plants to absorb moisture, anchor roots, and grow up strong.


Usually you can just start mixing in compost or soil conditioner in to your crop. However, after having conducted a soil test, the soil may need a bit of help first. Finding out your soil type is crucial for creating a regime to improve the health of your soil. A farmer must test the soil to find out the soil type. There are a number of ways to do this. The easiest way is to buy a soil test kit at your local home and garden store.

Soil Types & Solutions

After receiving the results of your soil test and revealing the type of soil you have, there are a number of solutions to get your soil in prime health. If your test reveals that you have clay soil, add coarse sand, EM1, compost, and peat moss. If you have sandy soil, add humus or aged manure, peat moss, EM1, or sawdust. The addition of heavy, clay-rich soil can also be added to improve its health. If your soil test reveals you have silt soil, coarse sand or gravel, EM1 and compost will help the condition. If you can handle the strong smell, well-rotted horse manure and straw will aid in improving your silt soil.



Fertilizer is an important step for fruit and vegetable growth. The three fertilizer components that are crucial to your crop growth are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Each of these fertilizers play a different role in creating a flourishing crop this year. Nitrogen is responsible for leaf growth ad makes plants greener. For fruit production and root growth, phosphorus is a common aid. Potassium is useful for fighting off diseases.


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