EM in New York City

Posted by Eric Lancaster on

Vandra Thorburn, a transplanted "Kiwi", New Zealander to the rest of us, has started an EM-based company in New York called Vokashi. Vandra is an energetic woman who wants to see food waste recycling taken to a new level in the Brooklyn area. Her ideas are big and so is her heart. If you look at the numbers of tons of food waste that is collected on a daily basis in the NYC area, you can see that it would be no small task to deal with just a fraction of the waste materials, which are all carried out of the city by waste haulers. The city collects the waste and trains, boats, and trucks it out of the city on a daily basis. Vandra sees this a a complete waste and wants to see green areas throughout the city that are fertilized with fermented food waste. She is training people in the area how to do it and loving every minute of it. If you live in the area, contact her and see if you can join in on her gardening endeavors.

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