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While In Asheville, I stayed at Jackie Greenfield's home. Jackie works for Gaia Herbs in Brevard, North Carolina. We were able to take a tour of their production plant and their farm where they produce nearly 5 million plants annually for their botanical extracts. This photos is from their website, showing herbs in full bloom. They have a full photo gallery of the farm on their site. Gaia Herbs, Inc. has a Certified Organic facility and Certified Organic Farm. They grow Certified Organic herbs on their farm as well as purchase certified organic herbs from local farms. They also produce wild harvested products. They have very high standards for growing to ensure potency of their extracts and have on-site labs to test for quality and improvement of formulation. A program they are very proud of began recently (in the past year or two), is that they produce vegetables for their staff on their farm. This program has helped their staff get several high quality certified organic vegetables, saving them money and giving them healthy food
. The property is absolutely gorgeous. Walking paths on the property encourage staff to get out and exercise. I am sure during the height of the season, the 50+ acres of echinacea and other herbs is breathtaking. Of course, I went and took pictures of their compost piles.

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