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Golf courses are often targeted by environmental groups as major sources of pollution.  They are targeted because of the use of excessive amounts of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Jeremy Murdock, VP of EM America, has been working with several golf courses since 2002 on implementing an EM&reg program. California is probably the best known of all the states for its environmental movements. San Francisco is heading most of the programs. There is a ban on the excessive use of pesticides in place as well as EPA support of the ban of 74 different types of chemicals near wildlife habitats.
In 2002, the City of San Francisco was working on intensifying their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. They were also working with the Harding Golf Course near the famous Presidio and Golden Gate State Park. In their quests, they began looking at compost teas and EM•1&reg. They did various trials on greens and fairways in hopes that they could find natural methods to care for their golf course and parks ahead of the pesticide ban that was due to come into effect some time in 2006. They did eventually learn from Mr. Murdock that they should combine the compost tea with Activated EM•1&reg and follow typical compost tea application rates. The groundskeepers would walk the course daily, manually picking weeks and monitoring any incidence of disease as well as watching drainage and growth of the turf.
In 2007, they had been using their program successfully without the use of pesticides. They were informed that their course was chosen to be on the PGA Tour and would have to follow the PGA guidelines for turf management. When they learned it would require they go back to the use of pesticides, they refused. The PGA sent a groups of experts to examine the course to see if it would work. The course passed and was added to the tour list. The City succeeded without the use of synthetic pesticides and still uses their combination of EM•1&reg, Compost Tea with EM•1&reg, and IPM.

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