Sleeping Frog Farm

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I made another visit to Sleeping Frog Farm today. The boys have been busy! They've got the other two fields dug in and ready to prep. The lettuce is mostly gone and they're growing lots of heirloom tomatoes that are ripening up. These guys have it going. Besides selling at three farmer's markets per week, they are also selling to two premiere restaurants in the Tucson area: Janos and Primo at the Starr Pass Marriott. Both restaurants pride themselves on their local and high quality produce. Adam and CJ insist on growing only heirloom vegetables and growing what their customers want. The beds are in constant production and rotation as they experiment with what grows best in their area. Afterall, they only started the farm less than a year ago. As we roamed around, we grazed on patty-pan squash, red okra, and some leafy herbs. They've got some neat lemon cucumbers. 
kid with goat
They got a few new goats too! Here are some cool 
farm pic
pictures from the farm.
farm pic 2
farm pic 3
farm pic 4
farm pic 5
CJ, Adam and I are working on setting up some classes over the next few months on making and using bokashi, large-scale bokashi production, activated EM1EM5EM Fermented Plant Extract, and other items that are in the APNAN manual. In the fall, they plan on setting up a tilapia tank and experimenting with raising fish. We'll get some EM1 in there for sure!

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