New Year’s Resolution for a Healthier 2012 – Everything in Moderation! (Part 3)

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In the final installment of our 3 part series on how to make your New Year’s resolution a commitment you can succeed at and feel good about, we will take our moderation approach even further!

Part 3: Commit to 3 Additional Health Enhancements

Last but not least, in your commitment to a healthier you in 2012, it is a good idea to also incorporate a few small health enhancements to complement your new moderate lifestyle. Again, do not set too lofty a goal, but rather choose three easy-to-implement changes that will fit into your life and make you happier.

First you must identify which aspects of your life need to be addressed. Are you most concerned with your physical health, or would you like to work on emotional, spiritual or intellectual health aspects of your life? You may want to address all of the above! If so, be sure to set realistic goals.

Possible "health enhancements" include:

  • Introducing a multi-vitamin into your morning routine, which is a good idea no matter how young or old you are
  • Adding in a calcium supplement (this is especially important for women)
  • Starting a micro nutrient probiotic cleanse if you have ever suffered from immunity or digestive issues
  • Scheduling your annual check-up appointment, especially if you’re someone who usually tries to avoid going to the doctor
  • Switching to a non-toxic, green cleaning agents in the home for those messes that kids and pets cause
  • Adding recycling and composting kitchen bins
  • Starting an organic garden
  • Volunteering once a month to stay active in your local community and help you achieve greater connectedness
  • Attending a religious/spiritual gathering or lecture once a month
  • Take a class that will broaden your mind or advance your career
  • Take one trip abroad this year
The possibilities are endless!


The trick to being successful in your resolution this year is embracing moderation and committing to change. Instead of focusing your transgressions and labeling yourself a failure, think of your life as a long-term quest for moderation. Take pride in being the sort of person who makes thoughtful choices about their health, but also enjoys indulgences in appropriate portions.

Good luck on your journey to moderation!

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