Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

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Spring has sprung and if you think that you shouldn’t be thinking about your garden until at least mid-spring, think again. These tips can help you improve the quality of your soil and prepping your garden for planting flowers, vegetables and fruits!

It has been one long and cold winter and many homeowners believe that they have to put their gardening plans on hold for a little while longer. However, the time to improve the quality of your soil, landscape design and garden management begins now. The following are a few of these procedures that will allow you to begin preparing your garden for the spring.

Soil Prep

When adding new vegetables, flowers or shrubs to you garden, prepping and improving the quality of the soil will ensure the health of your plants. Healthy soil grows healthy plants. In order for soil to become healthy, they require organic matter. Use soil conditioners, such as EM-1, to get the soil steeped in nutrients now. Organic matter like compost, microbes, and moisture, provides a healthy environment for plants to grow. The result is strong plants, healthier flowers and higher quality fruits and vegetables. Adding a soil conditioner to your garden helps improve moisture retention. This makes water easily accessible for the roots of all of your plants. Coarse soil does not retain water well. The conditioner allows air and water to move through the soil. Since, the organic matter in soil conditioner retains moisture, it is able to absorb and store nutrients more easily. Breathability must be preserved for healthy soil.


It is never too early to begin weeding your garden. Digging out the weeds before they are given the opportunity to plant roots in your soil, will save you a lot of time and money in the future. Also, by getting them now before the full on spring season, you will be able to pluck them out before their seeds mature and take root. To guarantee that your weeds will not return, place the pulled weeds deep into your compost pile. The warmth will kill the weed seeds, stopping them from returning to your garden.



Lastly, it’s never too early to plan your drainage. A sufficient drainage system will make sure that your plants always have the right amount of water. If your home already has a drainage system, you can begin your spring cleaning by clearing it of leaves, broken branches and all other debris that accumulated over the winter. For an extra benefit, add any organic matter that you can find in your compost. It should give it a dose of carbon in the early spring.

If you take the rights steps now, your garden will be ready to take on whatever planting you decide to do this spring. Teraganix can help you build soil quality with EM 1, get a head start on weeds, and prepare your drainage system. For more information on soil conditioners, like EM 1, and their impact on your garden, visit some of our product & information pages on our website. We're proud to provide industry leading solutions for your home and garden!

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