Revist to Sleeping Frog Farm

Posted by Keisuke Kuroiwa on

I made another trip to Sleeping Frog Farms yesterday (March 25th, 2009) to get some photos. Here are some photos of the lovely crops their growing...and, we can't forget the people who make it all happen! Tony was out yesterday. Adam, Debbie, and CJ were working. Adam and CJ were getting ready for the farmer's market this afternoon. They were picking some radishes here. They have about 50 chickens...some beautiful varieties of birds that produce several different colored eggs. The eggs are sold at the St. Phillip's Farmers Market on Sundays. My son was going around picking wild mustard and feeding it to them the entire time we were there. He even got to pick up a few of them.On the East side of the property, they are preparing several new rows of crops. We pulled up the covers to take a look at the new Osaka, flat parsley, baby bok choy, and other greens. When we were there last week, they were just seedlings. Man, did they grow fast!

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