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I went out to Las Cruces earlier this month to visit the Salopeck's at their Pecan farm.  The soil in the Southwest is very low in organic matter, mostly around 0.5% so any extra carbon that can added to the soil is ideal.  Luckily, farms are now not allowed to burn their pruning wastes in Las Cruces.  I say lucky because we know how to put it to use.
dried crop
At the farm, the trees are trimmed heavily on a rotation for a heavy cutting and annually for a light cropping.  This year's pruned branches were shredded in the rows.  Another machine followed behind the shredder and sprayed on water and Activated EM1.  We did about 25-30 gallons per acre.  Another machine came by and disced the material into the ground.  
Over the next few months, the wood material will start to break down.  Since its inoculated with EM•1®, the microbes will start to produce polysaccharides, enzymes, vitamins, organic acids, etc., that will help build soil aggregate and increase the populations of other beneficial microbes in the area.
row crop
Here's what the rows look like when complete.  Keep on the lookout for more photos as the summer goes along.

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