The Chilis Are Poppin'

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Back out to Deming, New Mexico for a follow-up trip. The picking of the chili has been delayed due to an increase in temperature and the fact that the peppers need to be a little bit thicker to pick.

The delay in the first picking has also come with an increase (in one field) of verticillium wilt. You can see in the photo on the right the plants that have this virus. This one field has been hit pretty hard, yet it still looks like it will produce a good yield of chili. We should get some numbers next week for the first picking. This field contains a variety known as "Arizona".
arizona chilis

Across the road, about 50-75 acres away to the East, is another field of chilis. These are a different variety that have a bit more heat (spicier), are smaller in length, and darker in color. I'll get the name from Zack... 
volume of chili

Look at the volume on these plants! They have been treated with about 40 gallons of Activated EM•1® through the drip irrigation lines and have been part of a conventional foliar feeding program that includes Activated EM•1® as well.

If you'd like to learn more about chilis, this website, Eat More Chilis, has some pretty easy-to-follow information. The more I learn about these plants, the more I learn there is a real obsession that comes along with the varieties. The people who grow them are passionate about which type they grow, how the grow, when to harvest, etc. As a consumer, I love spice in my foods and peppers are the source of the heat.

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