Washington Square Dog Park Gets Deodorized

Posted by Eric Lancaster on

Washington Square Park in Manhattan is a place dog lovers of all kinds bring their dogs for a walk. As the doggies get their play time in the Big Apple, they relieve themselves in the area.

"In May 2011, the 12th Street Model Project team was asked to help remediate the dog run in the Manhattan NYC landmark, the Washington Square Park. The dog run is an enclosed 2,250 sq ft area where 300+ dogs run freely every day. They have sprayed Activated EM four times since June, once a month. The last treatment will be Oct. 20 and resume again in the Spring. The response from dog owners has been very positive. They have said there is very little smell of urine and feces compared to last summer, and they noticed no biting black flies for the first time."

Caption (to 2nd photo): A member of the Washington Square Park Dog Run helping to spray the Activated EM.

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