What's new at San Xavier Co-OP Farm?

Posted by Eric Lancaster on

Dr. Higa and Hiro Nago of EM Hawaii met with Billy Worthey, Farm Manager of the San Xavier Co-op Farm, a Native American farm on the Southwest side of Tucson. They have about 800 acres under cultivation now. Billy is quick to tell you that he is practicing Nature Farming techniques, that they are not certified organic, but have never used any synthetic chemicals on their farm. They use EM•1®, fish products, and some garlic products, lots of cover crops, and no deep tilling. He is growing alfalfa year-round and several Native American crops. They also contract grow for a few other Native American farms in the US to provide them with heirloom seeds for traditional Native America crops. San Xavier is building a conference center right on the farm property. Billy says he plans to hold seminars on the commercial applications of EM Technology® there someday. We'll keep you posted as we get more information.

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