Effective Microorganisms (EM) & Caring for your Home

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EM & Cleaning your Home

Effective Microorganisms can help with a variety of processes throughout your daily life. Why not let them help you keep your home clean? EM technology can be used to improve the cleaning activities that you do every day. Did you know that adding EM Ceramics to your water supply can help you have cleaner and more effective cleaner power with a more stabilized water supply? By adding EM Ceramics to the water that you use, it is more effective at cleaning and even nourishing things like indoor plants in your home. Are you trying to cut down on household waste? EM Bokashi Bins can be used to start composting all of your household waste. Using EM technology to break down your household waste is an effective way to start composting and properly recycling your household waste. This is an all natural way to recycle your household waste, and is environmentally friendly and sustainable There are even EM soaps to help you keep yourself extra clean! EM technology is used in a variety of different products and can be effective no matter what it's being used for.

EM & Gardening Practices

EM technology is not only effective inside of your home, but outside of your home as well! Is your garden looking less than perfect? Don't let it stay that way for long. There are a number of ways that you can use EM technology to improve the look of the landscaping around your home. Not only is composting with EM effective in breaking down your household waste, but it is great to add to your garden as well! Composting in bokashi bins creates a nutrient rich base for soil and plants to feed off of. Composting also helps the nature around your home as well! This creates a rich soil base for worms and other organisms to thrive in. Not to mention, there are a number of EM soil conditioners and microbial inoculants to ensure that your garden will have a strong and nutrient rich base. This will create a healthy and plentiful garden over time. EM technology can help with many different gardening and agricultural needs that you may have. Don't forget about your indoor plants either! EM products can even help with a variety of potted and indoor plants as well.

Products to Try

Are you thinking about using Effective Microorganisms to improve the way you regularly care for your home and garden? We have a variety of products that you can try to improve everything from your water supply to products to help you start composting and more! At Teraganix, we supply a variety of EM products such as: EM Ceramics, EM Soap, EM Bokashi, Bokashi Food Recycling Systems, microbial inoculants and soil conditioners. If you are looking to improve your cleaning power inside of your home, or the look of your garden outside of your home, EM products are effective and will certainly make a difference.

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