EM Can Be Found in Specialty Foods

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How EM Technology Can be Incorporated

EM Technology is frequently used in agricultural and gardening applications around the world. Many people have taken to improving the quality of their soil with EM Technology and products that have been infused with effective microorganisms. This type of technology generally improves the quality of the soil and ability for fruits and vegetables to grow effectively. With the boost from the improved, enriched and aerated soil, fruits and vegetables are really able to thrive off of the area they are being grow in. Many farmers and even backyard gardeners have taken to using microbial inoculants, and EM treated compost to help improve the growth and production of their crops throughout the season.

Where You Can Find It

Are you looking for foods that have been grown with effective microorganisms? There are a few products that you can find that are available for purchase on the market today. You are more likely to find foods grown with EM technology in your local specialty or health food stores. Some examples of products are: bananas from Earth University (available at Whole Foods Markets), El Pinto Salsas, Coffee from the Lafayette Coffee Company in Hawaii and more! Be sure to keep an eye out for these products that have been produced with EM Technology in your area. More and more products will begin to hit a supermarket near you with the growing popularity of EM technology for commercial and residential food growing applications. EM Technology works great with many different types of agricultural and gardening applications, so expect to see many people making the switch to using EM Technology in their farming and gardening practices soon. With the improved production of crops with EM Technology, many producers of fruits and vegetables will be able to notice a difference in the output of their improved crops.

Does it Make a Difference?

EM Technology helps improve soil and promotes the growth of plants and helpful insects. This will contribute to the healthy growth and production of your plants, fruits and vegetables in your garden or on your farm. If you are struggling with the soil that your currently have on your farm or even in your backyard, treating your soil with an EM Microbial Inoculant or treat your compost with EM Technology, you will be sure to notice a difference. Using a microbial inoculant or nutrient enriched compost to help your plants or crops will certainly help improve the environment for them to grow in. It's important to know the type of soil that you have, and if it needs to be improved before attempting to grow fruits and vegetables. Average soil many not be ready to produce plentiful fruits and vegetables on your first try, so it might help to do some research before starting. Testing your soil and seeing if it needs to be improved is just one of the first steps to improving your farming or gardening experience with EM Technology.

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