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Throwing Away Your Fresh Food Too Soon?

Have you thrown away food recently that seemed to go bad quickly? Does your fresh food seem to expire in just a few days? Unfortunately, as much as 31% of the fresh food supply in America gets thrown away each year. That doesn't seem like the most effective way to keep food on your shelves or even in stores. Food storage has been an issue that many people deal with because no matter what containers or bags your food is in, it just seems to expire more quickly than before. This just turns into a waste of money and food! Many people have turned to different types of plastic containers and bags, only to find out that their food does not preserve as well as they thought. Also, many different types of plastics available for food storage contain harmful chemicals and materials that really aren't the best or safest way to store food in your home. Many plastic bags are only a one time use item, and continues to create more waste when you throw them away. Are you looking for a better option for fresh food storage in your home?

EM Resealable Food Storage Bags

Did you know that EM Technology has been infused into a food storage bag? Our EM Resealable food storage bags are a great option for storing many different types of fresh food and produce. Since they have been manufactured with EM Technology, they work to keep your food fresher for a longer period of time. EM Technology has been proven to work well with many different types of organic materials, so why should your fresh food be any different. This EM Technology will help preserve the fresh food that you have so that you can enjoy it longer, and create less waste over time. Our EM food storage bags are not only resealable, but reusable and are great to use again and again. This way, you can rest assured that neither your fresh food or reusable bags will end up creating excess waste or end up in the trash sooner than they should.

Improving Your Food Storage

If you think that your food storage regimen could be improved, it might be time to try something new. Don't continue to fight with the piles of plastic ware in your cabinets. Instead, try our EM resealable and reusable food storage bags. You'll be surprised at how well they are able to preserve the fresh food that you have for a longer period of time. Don't waste money and food by throwing it in the trash because it expired too soon! By using an improved food storage system you will not only save money, but preserve your food, create less waste, and contribute to a more environmentally friendly and conscious lifestyle. That sounds like a pretty good tradeoff to me! Don't let your food go to waste again, try our EM food storage bags, available for purchase online!

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