Liquid Probiotics – The Good Bacteria

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Probiotics are a group of bacteria that occur naturally in your body. These bacteria are also found in common foods, such as yogurts and also over the counter supplements and liquid supplements. Probiotics are there to help control the harmful in your body and digestive tract. The “good” bacteria, AKA probiotics, aids in digestion, bloating & gas. It is also known to help those who have irritable bowel syndrome.

To ensure one is getting enough probiotics in their diet, they can introduce a liquid probiotic supplement into their daily routine. A liquid probiotic supplement, such as PRO EM 1 ® Daily Probiotic Supplement, contains a variety of high doses of a variety of microorganisms that not only aids in digestion but improves your overall wellness. PRO EM1 is dairy, wheat and soy-free, making it easy to digest for almost everyone. This probiotic supplement contains all-natural and certified organic ingredients and contains no preservatives or animal products. Probiotics supplements support healthy digestive and immune systems, supports weight loss, improves absorption of food nutrients and aids in controlling yeast infections. Yes, probiotics can be found in natural food sources like yogurt, however, yogurt can contain sugar, dyes and artificial sweeteners. PRO EM1 is a raw product that improve main digestive tract issues such as intestinal gas and irritable bowel syndrome.

Intestinal Gas & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Intestinal gas in the digestive tract often occurs when there is bloating. Taking probiotics or a liquid probiotic supplement may help remove the bacteria that is causing the bloating. Studies have shown that by taking a daily probiotic, it can help reduce gas and bloating in otherwise healthy people. Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is a disorder that causes changes in bowel movements, gas, bloating and abdominal cramping. Studies suggest that introducing probiotics to one’s diet may be helpful for reducing the symptoms of IBS. One study has even shown a 20% decrease in IBS symptoms in the patients. Liquid probiotic supplements, such as PRO EM 1, are a great option for those who have IBS or are lactose intolerant. It contains no dairy, unlike yogurt, and it is also wheat and soy free. Gas caused by IBS, chronic stomach inflammation and ulcers can also be eased by the use of liquid probiotic supplements. Sometimes lactose intolerance can cause gas and bloating and once again, probiotics can help ease it.

Other Considerations

When consuming probiotics from a natural food source such as yogurt, heat and the lifespan of the bacteria can be an issue. Heat, moisture, and air are deadly to many bacteria. The number of live bacteria can reduce immensely if exposed to room temperature. However, room temperature does not affect liquid probiotic supplements like PRO EM1. It stores well at room temperature and even does not require refrigeration.

Consider speaking to your health care provider before increasing your amount of probiotics, whether it is through natural food sources or a liquid probiotic supplement. To learn more about probiotic supplements and their health benefits, visit Teraganix’s website.

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