Make the Switch to Organic Septic Tank Treatments

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How much do you know about your septic system? While a relatively hands-off waste management process, there’s a lot going on below the surface… literally. Too much care and maintenance with the wrong products can upset the natural balance within the system and cause costly issues.

How Septic Tanks Manage Waste

A septic tank collects wastewater from the house, where it is divided into separate layers based on weight. Over a course of one to two days, heavier solids collect at the bottom of the tank to form a sludge layer. Floatable solids, like grease, oil and fat, collect at the surface to form a scum layer. The liquid wastewater - or effluent – flows through the soil absorption system, where physical, biological and chemical processes treat and dispose of waste. Decomposition begins as the wastewater is separated into layers.

Septic systems manage waste through natural processes, and require little to no human assistance. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know how septic systems work; their attempts to correct a problem within the system often cause more harm than good. The result is overuse of damaging septic tank additives. These additives are made of chemicals and antibacterial products that can greatly upset the natural balance within the septic system.

Bacteria reside in all septic systems. In a balanced system, the billions of microscopic bacteria effectively manage system operations and wastewater treatment without the need for additives. Up to fifty percent of the solids are digested by bacteria, and converted into liquids and gases. High doses of cleaners, or changes in the system’s PH, can destroy large numbers of beneficial bacteria.

Natural Cleaners and Deodorizers for your Septic System

A foul odor or seepage in nearby soil can indicate an imbalance within your septic system. To replenish the diversity of bacteria in the septic system, you may want to consider an organic septic treatment product. A naturally fermented live microbial product called EM-1 Septic Treatment is a safe option. It can be used in all waste treatment, wastewater, and freshwater treatments. It can also be applied for the purpose of deodorizing. Just be sure to follow the instructions accordingly to avoid overuse.

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