Maximizing the Benefits of Sea Salt

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The use of salt has been around since before recorded history, and was valued as a religious offering, or as a trade item. The term salad comes from the word salt, and originated with Romans salting their salad greens and vegetables. Throughout the ages, the importance and use of salt has grown exponentially both in and out of our kitchens. Human beings aren’t the only living things on the planet that benefit from regular salt intake; both plants and animals are consumed with finding and getting enough salt in their diet. Sea salt is valued because good quality and natural sea salt doesn’t go through any special processing before it’s delivered to the consumer, meaning that we’re able to enjoy the full health benefits without any side effects from additives or changes in its makeup.

Weight loss is big money these days. Our over processed diets and lack of exercise means that obesity is becoming an epidemic. Thankfully, sea salt can become a part of a healthy and natural weight loss program. Sea salt helps your body create digestive juices allowing it to help digest food faster and prevent build up of waste in your intestinal tract. Besides eating a diet of processed foods and not being active enough, constipation can lead to weight gain. That’s why ensuring that your system is able to efficiently purge itself is a good way to start your road on the path to health.

Taking sea salt with a little water can bring your blood pressure down, and lower your cholesterol levels as well. It can also work towards establishing a regular heart beat, making it easier for your body to fend off stroke, heart attack and atherosclerosis, along with other heart health problems. Since sea salt can help regulate sugar levels in the body, some diabetic patients notice a reduced need of insulin. Even those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems can be helped with a dose of sea salt since it’s effective in bringing down inflammation. Phlegm production will be slowed and ease of breathing can be increased. There are those that claim that drinking water and then sprinkling a little sea salt onto their tongue can have almost the same affect experienced by using an inhaler. Probably the best thing about using sea salt instead of medications for health conditions is the complete lack of side effects. Too often we need more than one medication simply to counter the side effects of some of the medications we’re on.

Your bones and muscles can also benefit from a regular intake of sea salt. You might not know that your bones store approximately ¼ of the amount of salt that is found in your body. If you lack enough salt, your body starts to draw it from the bone storage and this can lead to conditions like osteoporosis. Drinking lots of water and getting a regular intake of salt can be very beneficial and help reduce your odds for bone disease. Sea salt contains traces of potassium; something that your muscles need to properly function. Without it, your muscles can be prone to cramps, spasms or pain. If you want to increase the ability of your immune system as a whole, sea salt can be a great way to help build it up to better help you fight off fevers, the flu, allergies, common colds, and even autoimmune disorders. Another way salt can help the body is by preventing and sometimes reversing high levels of acidity, as salt is naturally alkalizing.

It might seem strange to think of sea salt as a great way to improve aspects of your beauty routine, but it can help your outside appearance as well as your insides. You’ve probably noticed that you don’t develop deep prunes or wrinkles after bathing even for long periods of time in salt water; this is because sea salt helps to increase water retention, so the moisture isn’t being pulled from your skin.

If you’re looking for a few ways to incorporate sea salt into some natural beauty products, you can already imagine how it would create a wonderful scrub for your face and body. Sea salt can help slough off dead skin, revealing fresher looking skin underneath, and helping to remove debris and blemishes like blackheads. Try mixing a ½ C of sea salt with ¼ C of aloe vera or some other soothing gel, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender with a handful of dried lavender flowers makes the scrub pretty enough to give as a gift). Store in a glass jar and gently use to scrub your face and body in circular motions.

To use sea salt in a relaxing bath, try adding a few drops of essential oil in a small jar of sea salt and blend before leaving the jar to infuse for a few days. Add a few spoonfuls into a warm bath and use your hand to agitate the water or add the sea salt blend right under running water for a quick method to dissolve.

Did you know that salt is a great stand in for toothpaste? I’m sure you’ve heard of or even used baking soda before to help clean and whiten teeth, but sea salt contains natural fluoride as well, which is wonderful for maintaining gum and tooth health. Mix one part salt with two parts baking soda for a toothpaste blend; it’s best to use this with a soft brush and gentle hand, as too much abrasion can damage the enamel on your teeth.

With its disinfectant properties, sea salt is a great way to kill bacteria and germs in your mouth (which creates bad breath), so try it as a mouthwash. It’s basically got the same ingredients as the sea salt toothpaste, only with the addition of water so that you can swish the mixture around in your mouth, and between your teeth. A sea salt and water blend is very effective to treat cankers and mouth sores as well.

Nina Wells is a guest author from Steam Shower Store. She is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under her belt.

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