Replace Chemical Plant Foods with EM Technology

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Organic Plant Food Versus Chemicals

Many gardeners turn to plant food to help their struggling plants along. Others turn to plant food to improve the number of blooms on their plants, or increase the yield on their fruits and vegetables. However, man made plant food often contains a number of chemicals that are not the best for you or the environment. The use of chemical plant foods is very common, as they are sold at almost every store that sells gardening supplies or plants. Unfortunately, many people rely on these expensive chemical plant foods for extended periods of time, and after a certain point, their garden won't look the same without using these additives.

There are so many different types of ways to improve the look and health of your garden without having to spend a fortune. There are also a number of eco-friendly ways to improve your garden without the use of harmful chemicals. EM Technology used in soil is one way to improve your garden, while also contributing to a healthier environment as a whole. Improving your soil with healthy plant food options is a smart investment for anyone trying to increase the benefits of their gardening efforts.

How to Improve Your Garden and Soil

Garden soil is something that can be enhanced through just a few simple changes. By infusing your garden soil with effective microorganisms, the healthy bacteria in the EM will go to work creating a healthy environment for your soil to provide for your plants. EM technology is a nourishing base for soil, and therefore a nourishing base for many plants and vegetation. Why give your plants chemical plant foods, when you can give them the benefits of natural organisms working to improve the soil and supporting the environment around them? By combining EM technology in your soil and beginning a compost bin (also using effective microorganisms), you can create an organic and healthy base for your soil, and your plants will love you for it! Natural and organic plant foods such as the healthy bacterias and organisms generated by EM technology are what your plants really need. Chemical plant foods might help for a short period of time, but natural and organic plant food will create a sustainable environment for your plants to grow in for a long time.

Switch to an EM Garden

You can make the switch to having an EM based garden today! Our EM-1 microbial inoculants have helped many gardeners improve their soil and plants. Interested in composting as well? We sell a variety of products that can get your started with your own compost bin at home. This way, you can provide your plants with a healthy and organic source of nutrition, without having to go out and purchase expensive plant foods. Improving your soil health is easy with just a few simple products and changes, you'll be on your way to having healthy soil and a healthy garden in no time. Don't forget to prepare for spring by making the switch to having an EM garden at your home.

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