Seed Starting: Starting And Protecting Your Plants Indoors

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Know Your Planting Zones

Did you know that if you live in a certain area of the country (often can be identified through what 'zone' you live in) that many of your plants will not reach maturity if you simply plant them in the spring? Growing a plant to maturity can take quite a long time, and if you live in an area that spring starts a little later than most, your plants might not bloom or produce until it's too late! This is where the importance of seed starting comes into play. You can start most of your seeds and plants indoors before planting them outside in the spring.

By giving them a head start indoors, your plants will be able to reach maturity faster, thus producing more flowers, fruits or vegetables over time. Don't you want to be able to enjoy your plants a little bit longer? Make sure that you know what type of gardening zone you live in so that you can plan accordingly as to when you should start your plants indoors, and when it will be safe to bring them outside.

When to Start Planting

Depending on what types of plants you are looking to grow, you may have to start different seeds at different times. For plants that can be planted in early spring, you will want to start your seeds earlier than ones that can be planted in mid-summer. It's important to consult with a number of different gardening resources before getting your seeds started for different plants. Make sure that you have a comfortable environment for your plants to be taken care of in the meantime so that they will have an easy transition to your garden when it is their time to be planted outside. Many seed packages will have instructions on the amount of sunlight, what type of soil nutrients, and how often the new plants should receive water.

Overwintering: Protecting Tender Plants

It's also important to overwinter any plants that you have had growing in containers. This means that you will take your plants inside or cover them outside so that they are not damaged by extreme winter temperatures. Overwintering your plants will ensure that your plants will survive the winter and will be able to be placed back out in the spring. If you plan on using container gardens at your home, make sure you know the benefits of seed starting and overwintering your plants before you get started!

Provide The Right Plants Nutrients

All plants need a lot of nutrients in order to survive and produce successfully. If you want a glowing garden this spring, make sure you are giving your plants all of the nutrients that they need to be happy. We offer a variety of gardening products that can be used in both traditional or container gardens. From our microbial inoculants to our DIY composting kits, you will be able to provide your plants with all of the nutrients that they will need from seedling to full grown maturity. Make sure you give your plants everything they need to be successful so that you have a happy and plentiful garden this spring.

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