Soil Enzyme Information: Sprouting Plants From Healthy Soil Soil Conditioner & Improving Your Gardening Effectively: EM-1 Soil Enzymes

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With Spring & Summer just around the corner, many home gardeners are starting to plan and plant for the upcoming gardening season. Unfortunately, many areas of the country have soil which is not conducive to effective plant growth. Soil lacking proper nutrients & enzymes can greatly diminish the yield of your vegetables and plants! Fortunately, there are natural and effective soil substrates available that can make a massive impact on the growth of your plants & garden!

Soil Conditioners: How They Work

A soil conditioner is used modify soil properties in order to produce a healthier substrate for vegetation to grow in. While a fertilizer will add nutrients to soil, a conditioner defers by modifying the dirt itself. This can be done in a number of ways including changing the water holding capacity, soil pH, soil compaction, and much more. It is most effective to use a conditioner along with a soil inoculant. Inoculants will add beneficial microbes to soil in order to create a beneficial soil biology.

Our recommended soil conditioner and inoculant is the all natural EM-1 product and we've got the scientific research to back up our recommendation. Our soil conditioner product utilizes living organisms and enzymes that improve the structure of your soil and greatly increase nutrient cycling. As a gardener or a farmer, why should that matter to you? Simply put: a soil conditioned with better structure and with better nutrient cycling from natural sources will produce a much larger yield! Rather than resorting to chemical based products often widely available on the market, EM-1 uses soil enzymes and living organisms to enrich the soil for maximum yield. This is not only better for the environment, but it's better for your health, your home or farm and the plants & vegetables which you are growing.

Who Benefits From Soil Conditioners?

While soil treatments & conditioners like EM-1 have been widely used by farmers, there is a huge benefit for home gardeners too! Farmers can use EM-1 to introduce natural soil enzymes to large areas of crops and to experience a stronger yield from their production crops. Home gardeners can experience the same soil conditioning benefits by adding EM-1 to their plants, lawns & vegetable gardens. Many times, home gardeners may not have as much time to invest into gardening as a commercial or professional farmer might have, so it is an even better solution due to the fact that a soil conditioner will allow you to produce more effective results without requiring as much intensive care.

How Do I Effectively Use Soil Conditioners?

Natural soil conditioners like EM-1 require you to properly apply them for maximum results. It is best to combine our soil conditioner with organic matter including humates, plant wastes and/or animal manures on a regular basis to extract the full soil conditioning benefit. In addition to that, make sure to always moisten the top few inches of soil in order to ensure that the soil conditioning effects of the EM-1 product penetrate the root zone and provide the incredible benefits of soil enzymes.

Have Questions About Soil Conditioners?

Call the Teraganix staff at 866-369-3678 today! Our team can help you find the perfect soil conditioner product for your needs. Our staff is highly educated on the products which we offer and the benefits that they can provide to you. Get in touch with our team now before the growing season begins!

2015 - Year of Soils Don't forget that 2015 is the Year of Soils, according to the UK and USDA. 

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