The Environmental Benefits of Organic Septic Treatments

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Approximately, twenty-five percent of households in the U.S. utilize a septic system. If you’re a homeowner with a septic tank, then you should be familiar with the warning signs of a failing system, such as offensive odors coming up from vents and soil seepage. Dead septic systems often result from the overuse of harsh household cleaners and detergents, antibacterial soaps, drain cleaners and more. In addition to eliminating the natural microorganisms in your septic tank, these chemical-based products can also have a negative impact on the surrounding soil and plants.

EM Technology is Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

Septic system repairs are expensive, but there are preventative measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of system failure. Organic septic treatments, like EM-1®, are cost effective, because they do not require changes to the existing treatment and equipment is relatively inexpensive.

EM Technology is all nature, non-corrosive and biodegradable. This organic solution effectively cleans drains, eliminates odors and maintains septic health, with no risk to the surrounding earth and ground water. EM-1® can be used on most systems and drains, including waste systems in buses, boats, and portable toilets. EM-1® Septic Treatment is simple to use, too.

EM-1 Microbes Target Complex Waste

Natural tank additives are formulated to stimulate the existing bacteria that feed on complex wastes including fats, oils and grease. These environmentally friendly microbial products multiply and continually attack waste as they move through the septic system. The result runs harmlessly out of your waste system to be used by the surrounding plant life.

EM Technology improves overall septic system performance at an affordable cost to you, without the negative costs on the environment. Organic septic maintenance is a winning solution across the board.

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