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Many people have heard of composting but have been hesitant to give it a try, so we're here to pose the question: what's stopping you from composting? The environmental benefits are extremely significant plus you can produce your own quality gardening product which will save you money! Still not convinced? We'll go over some of the reasons why composting is a great idea and show you how anyone in any living situation and have the space and means to compost!

Why Composting Matters

Composting can have a massive impact on the environment and also on your personal life. Did you know that over 23% of municipal solid waste in America is composed of yard clippings & food waste? Simple composting could prevent landfills from filling quickly which in turn can prevent the emission of ozone gases and groundwater pollution! In addition to this, the byproduct which you're left with as a reward for composting: some of the most rich soil that you can find! Ultimately, composting is the can definitely be the right solution for most homeowners, even those who aren't adamant gardeners.

Composting: Time, Effort & Space

The one drawback to composting: the time, effort & space that it can take to compost. With many people living in urban or dense suburban regions, space limitations can make composting seem like a difficult feat. Many homeowners who choose to compost would prefer to use an outdoor composting bin or container to compost specifically within to avoid the odor and the space restraints of attempting to compost indoors. In addition to that, traditional composting can take months or years to product a rich soil. Another household chore sounds like a nightmare to many busy families, so composting can unfortunately be ignored due to the perceived difficulties that could come of it.

Bokashi Composting Products: The Easy Solution

So, if you're a homeowner who has limited space or time, don't give up hope on composting. TeraGanix carries a product that can resolve all of your composting concerns! The Bokashi Product uses a proven & safe method of creating compost in a compact container with no odor in a very short period of time. Even those with only indoor spaces available to compost in can now compost safely and effectively! Here's how it works:

  1. Use one of our Bokashi Composting starter kits or purchase Bokashi Product and get a bucket.
  2. Place composting materials in the bucket - even meat & cheese can work!
  3. Avoid plastics or other non-compost friendly materials.
  4. Apply the Bokashi EM-1 Product.
  5. Get perfect, odor-free composting results even in indoor spaces in as little as two weeks!

The Benefits of Bokashi Composting

To recap: Bokashi Composting is the leading solution for the homeowner who has limited space and time but wants to compost their own soil. How does Bokashi perform so effectively? We'll explain: Bokashi Composting uses a group of microorganisms that anaerobically ferments organic matter. This allows for composting that does not create an undesirable odor and it will not attract insects or rodents like traditional composting can. In addition to the obvious benefits, there are some added positives:

  • Bokashi Composting can break down meat, baked goods, dairy items & more that traditional composting can struggle with.
  • Bokashi Composting produces no strong or offensive odors.
  • Very few greenhouse gases are emitted by Bokashi Composting.
  • All of the nutrients are contained within your compost.
  • It is extremely easy for anyone with any amount of space or time!

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