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Where it's Been Used

EM Technology has been seen in more and more products lately. Have you seen it in some of the products that you have used? If you haven't, be on the lookout for this special type of technology. More and more practical applications have been created for the use of EM Technology and many of the microbial inoculants it is frequently paired with. EM Technology has been used in many different types of applications such as: probiotics, dietary supplements, bokashi and composting bins, soap, salt, oral care and rinses, reductive ceramics and much more. EM Technology is also frequently used in professional and agricultural applications such as: septic tank care, soil conditioning and composting and even construction. There are endless applications for using EM Technology. Using EM technology can be as easy as using it in simple every day functions. If you are thinking about using EM Technology, there are a lot of different applications that you can choose to use it in. For example, our Super Cera Powder offers a variety of benefits in many professional and agricultural uses.

Super Cera Powder & It's Uses

At TeraGanix, we offer our Super Cera Powder for sale. What exactly does Super Cera Powder do? Well, more importantly, what doesn't our Super Cera Powder do? Super Cera Powder is a fine gray ceramic powder that has been infused with EM Microbial Inoculant. This powder is powerful in many different types of professional applications. For example, this type of powder is appropriate for agricultural and construction purposes. The power of EM Technology can help cut down on harmful fumes involved with agricultural and construction processes. It can even help improve the tensile strength within concrete. This powder works well with a variety of materials such as cements, paints, adhesives, and even some taping compounds as well. This product uses EM Technology to omit powerful vibrational energy to help combat against harmful fumes or EMF waves. This powder offers a healthful benefit to many construction materials. This powerful ceramic microbial inoculant is beneficial in many agricultural purposes such as soil conditioning, composting and for widespread soil use.


How You Can Use It


If you are thinking about using Super Cera Powder in your daily life, there are a number of different applications that you can use it for at home or at work. Even if you are thinking about painting your home or office you can add the Super Cera Powder to help cut down on some of the harmful fumes that you smell when you are using it. If you are interested in using this powder for agricultural and construction purposes, consider ordering enough to make sure that you are covered for the whole job. This will ensure that you will have consistent results when you are using the Super Cera Powder. Feel free to try our Super Cera Powder for your professional and agricultural uses to see improved results with your professional and agricultural applications.

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