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Pioneering Regenerative Living with EM®

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Green Pet Care & Natural Pet Products
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Green Pet Care & Natural Pet Products

Many pet owners are seeking out safe, natural products for their pets, as well as simple ways to decrease their pet’s paw print on the environment. Thankfully, being green is easier than ever, with a number of simple and affordable products. The following are three easy tips to help you create a happy, healthy, eco-friendly home for your furry family members.

Certified Organic Pet Food

In my opinion, the FDA does not regulate pet food as rigorously as they should. If they did, we probably wouldn’t have had that massive pet food recall last year, where tainted wheat gluten killed a large number of beloved pets. Pet products labeled "premium" or "gourmet" are not required by law to meet any specific standards, such as higher quality ingredients. A better indicator of pet food quality is the term "certified organic". Certified organic pet food must meet specific standards set forth by the USDA. Conscientious pet owners can now purchase a wide array of certified organic pet food that is free of hormones, chemicals, genetically-modified ingredients, and artificial flavors or coloring. In recent years, many small local pet food manufacturers have cropped up, allowing you to not only buy organic but also local.

Safe Cleaning & Odor Control

While we love our pets, we could do without their funky smell. If your pooch has an accident or your cat box clears the room, you should look for an enzyme-based cleaner, like Effective Microorganisms EM•1®. This non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaner uses beneficial bioremediation bacteria to actively seek out the offending waste remnants and digest them. EM•1® does not simply cover up the spell, it eliminates odor naturally, by breaking down the root cause. It can be used safely on carpet, upholstery, concrete, tile and more. It is also very effective in the litter box... just spritz the litter and let the microbes do the rest. This very same bio-technology is used at large-scale livestock farms for ammonia and hydrogen sulfide odor control, so it’s safe to say it will work on your little friend’s odors.

Green Bath Time

Because your pets groom, you want a shampoo that is safe for them to lick. Look for shampoos and soaps that are natural. I prefer a soap that is sulfate free, paraben free and contains no phthalates. And of course there is also the classic household cleaner, baking soda. Baking soda is especially great for cats as it allows for an effective dry bath. Oddly enough, it also makes a great toothpaste for stinky dog breath!



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