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Green, Odor-free Indoor Composting

food wastesMake your kitchen composting project an odorless, green project with natural probiotics. The Bokashi Compost System, coupled with EM•1® compost accelerant, utilizes fermentation and a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria that work together to convert organic materials into humus and to bind nutrients to create a rich humus food for plants. The byproducts of the microbes in EM•1® include several enzymes, bio-available trace minerals and antioxidants, vitamins, and support of other naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, turning your kitchen compost bin into your garden's best friend. EM•1® can be added to traditional compost piles, or indoor compost can be added to the Bokashi fermentation composting system. Not only does EM•1® compost accelerant reduce composting time, but it also prevents anaerobic, odor-causing decay to produce stable organic matter particles (humus). Browse our Bokashi compost systems, EM•1® compost accelerant and super convenient composting bins below and switch your household composting into hyper-drive.

Indoor Compost Bins & EM-1 Natural Compost Accelerant

The benefits of the Bokashi Compost System & EM•1® Compost Accelerant include:
  • Compost accelerant enhances decomposition and produces nutrient-rich soil humus, perfect for enhancing your garden
  • Reduces odor for undetectable indoor composting
  • Significantly reduces disease-producing pathogens resulting from compost putrefaction
  • Produces nutrient-rich compost
  • Increases beneficial microbial activity in the soil Enhances better root development
  • Enhances resistance of plants to stress and reduces soil borne pathogens
  • Safe and environment friendly as it is organic and biodegradable.

For information on using EM•1® in traditional composting systems, click here. We also have a Bokashi blog dedicated to discussions and tips on this exciting new way to recycling all of your food wastes. You can subscribe to our blog so you won't miss out on the latest information. Also, join us on Facebook for even more information!

For helpful tips and guides to using EM Technology® see below or visit our Solutions Library.

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