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Sprouting SeedsGrow Your Own Nutritious Sprouts At Home

Sprouts are one of nature's most nutritious foods, full of energy and nutrition. All of the energy and the blueprint of a mature plant are contained in its seed, along with all the potential of its future being as well as the ancestry of its lineage. Sprouting seeds is one of the easiest and quickest ways to create live foods for use in a raw food, vegan diet.

Better Sprouting with Effective Microorganisms

While sprouts are not very difficult to grow, there are certain issues to be dealt with to insure that they are produced successfully, with due consideration for safety and optimum quality. The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona is producing sprouts using Effective Microorganisms.

They use the following methods for producing wheat grass, buckwheat lettuce and sunflower sprouts:


1st soak: 20 minutes in a weak hydrogen peroxide solution (1-2 tbsp. 2% hydrogen peroxide per 2 quarts of water and seeds. This is to clean the seeds thoroughly of any surface dirt, dust and spores that might contaminate the sprouting seeds.

2nd soak: 20 minutes in a 1:100 dilution of EM-1® in water. This helps provide a probiotic environment for the sprouting seeds to ward off re-contamination by spores.

3rd soak: 8-10 hrs., or overnight in pure, clean water. We recommend using EM-X® Ceramics to help structure the soaking water for optimum results.

After soaking, trays are prepared by punching holes for good drainage (if necessary), and lining the tray with a suitable screen material, such as cheesecloth. A very thin layer of peat moss (1/2 inch or less) is placed in the bottom of the tray, and the soaked seeds are layered on top of the peat moss to the depth of one seed spread evenly over the surface of the tray. A standard 10 by 20 inch tray will hold 1.5 to 2 cups of seeds. The filled trays are given a gentle spray of water to help settle the seeds before being placed in the rack to start the germination process. A dark cover is placed over the sprouts, which is typically just another empty tray. Once the sprouts reach the top of the covering tray, it is removed and the sprouts are exposed to sunlight to green up.


Buckwheat and sunflower sprouts will benefit from a rinse with a strong spray of water to knock off the hulls (seed coats) that still cling to some of the sprouts. Then, the sprouts can be harvested using a scissors or sharp knife. A final rinse in cold water will help make them nice and crisp for eating. To enhance flavor and quality and reduce spoilage, a few drops of EM-X® can be added to the final rinse/soak water, and/or EM-X® Ceramics can be used to structure the water. For wheat sprouts, a light spray with EM-X® water or EM-X® Ceramics structured water before harvesting will enhance the anti-oxidants in the wheat grass juice.

Courtesy: Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center - Patagonia, Arizona

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