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Ag1000™ is a ready-to-use soil conditioner, comprised of Effective Peanuts in fieldMicroorganisms. Ag1000™ allows a better nutrient exchange in your soil and helps to improve drainage, aeration and soil structure. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants – Ag1000™ provides your plant with essential vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that improve plant vigor and enhance plant growth.

Overall, Ag1000™ will increase your bottom line by increasing yields and production. Continued use of Ag1000™ will improve nutrient availability, assist in balancing pH and increase organic matter for improved moisture retention.

TeraGanix® will provide training on the use of Ag1000™ and serve as a technical resource throughout the use of the product. We are proud to provide industry leading solutions for a multitude of needs around your farm. We will serve as a partner in your business to assist in your growth by using our product knowledge and business philosophy.

• Apply 10 gallons/acre to the soil at planting
• Begin applying foliar sprays of 2 gallons/acre once you have a plant, continuing each week for 8 treatments
• Apply 10 gallons/acre in the soil after harvest

• Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon, 275 gallon and in bulk delivery of over 1,000 gallons
• Available in two forms: Conventional and Ag1000™ Organic (OMRI Listed)