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Ag1000 is a ready-to-use soil conditioner, comprised of Effective Microorganisms. Ag1000 allows for a better nutrient exchange in your soil and helps to improve drainage, aeration, moisture retention, and soil structure and decreases fertilizer requirements while maintaining or improving yield. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants -- Ag1000 provides your plants with essential vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes that improve plant vigor and enhance plant growth.

Overall, Ag1000 will increase your bottom line by increasing yields and production. Continued use of Ag1000 will improve nutrient availability, assist in balancing pH, and increase organic matter for improve moisture retention.

TeraGanix will provide training on the use of Ag1000 and serve as a technical resource throughout the use of the product. We are proud to provide industry leading solutions for a multitude of needs and will serve as a partner in your business to assist in your growth by using our product knowledge and business philosophy.

Suggested Application
  • Apply 10 gallons/acre at planting
  • When plants are 6-8 inches, apply an additional 5 gallons/acre diluted with water
  • Apply 5 gallons/acre post-harvest crop residue

  • Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 55 gallons, 275 gallons, and in bulk delivery of over 1,000 gallons
  • Available in two forms: Conventional and Ag1000 Organic (OMRI Listed)